Beaver_RGB_blue_stackWhat are Beavers?

Beavers are the youngest section of the Scout Association, for 6 & 7 year old.

Beavers like having fun, playing games and making new friends. What do we do?

Beavers meet every Monday at the Church Hall please contact Badger (Beaver Leader) for further information. We provide a balanced programme covering six zones and as a colony we work together to achieve badges. We do all sorts of fun things e.g. help others, go on visits, play games, make things, meet new people, act/sing, go outdoors, prayer and most of all have fun.

Beavers go on days out too.

We might go to something with other Beavers from around the town, or the county.Space_Hopper

We might have a trip of our own, or with the Cubs and Scouts from our Group.

Beavers meet in a Colony, made up of a number of Lodges

Beavers wear a turquoise sweatshirt and the Group Necker.