Beaver Picnic

“Let me across here, I want my picnic”

12th Beavers enjoying the giant swing at County beaver picnic.

The sun was kind this year, the theme was ‘fun at the seaside’ so we expected the sun. We didn’t win the banner competition but or coconut shy game was extremely popular.

Once again county put on a fabulous day, you can’t go anywhere for those activities for that price. The organisation to get 500 plus young people their is well thought through. It’s just a shame the car park doesn’t have a road so the leaders don’t get stuck in the car park for an hour. However, the comments from the young people make you soon forget.

Scouting and why I like it

Earlier in the Year the Scouts were working towards their  Media & Marketing Activity Badge

We interviewed Local people from Darlington and went to a Local Radio Station to record our own show, in addition some of our Scouts were requested to write a report on why they like Scouts and this was one of those reports by Harry.

Media Relations Badge Report by Harry 

Topic – Scouting and why I like it.

I became a Scout because I had lots of friends who already did it and the opportunity to make new friends.

Below I have listed some other things we do in scouting that I enjoy.


Confido: confido is a camp, every year where lots of scout groups go to do activities such as: biking, climbing, knot tying and partying. It is a chance to meet new people and to hang out with friends.

NIJAM: we went to Northern Ireland for a week, travelling on the ferry and being twinned with a local scouting group, who were really friendly. I have never seen so much rain however, this didn’t stop us from going to an army camp where we did bubble football, an obstacle course, team work challenges and shooting.

Family camp: we played football when we got there and ’helped’ our parent set up the tents. The next day we were put in to group to lots of activities such as: sumo wrestling, tug of war and an elasticated running game. Lots of families go along, so it is good spending time with my family and friends too. This is me in a sumo suit and competing against my brother on the running game, which was so funny!! The food is always delicious at camp!

District camp: This where scouting groups from County Durham all meet and do lots of activities.

New things:

One new thing that I enjoyed to do was operation sanctuary, it is where you and a group of 4-5 have to escape from a group of catchers who are in cars and drive around looking for you. You get 10 lives, the least catches you get the better and you have a chance of winning a medal. We had to hide in bushes and look out for each other in the team. Our team came in second place, so we were really pleased and our adult leader, Tony was too!

When we are not outside in the winter we play games in the hall such as: hockey, bucket ball, lighthouse, dodgeball and obstacle courses. The leaders always have a plan, making it fun and interesting.


At scouts we also work towards getting badges from lots of different activities such as: medical badges, art badges and musical badges. With the medical badge, we have learnt first aid and how to do CPR, so this is important.

This report is going towards the Media Relations badge. We have already interviewed different local people, including Jenny Chapman, our local MP and Mrs Jacqui Watson, one of the scout’s mum’s. I could not go to the radio station at Bishop Auckland, but it looked like great fun, trying on headphones and using the equipment.

We do night’s away badges too, as well as two years ago, we went to an outdoor centre at Barnard castle, where we canoed, climbed and had pizza’s from the outside pizza ovens. My brother, Mack fell into the lake.

I enjoyed the trip to Newton Aycliffe, for our mechanics badge, as I learnt a lot about engines and the army. I had chance to look at engines up close, and speak to the instructors. It has made me interested in becoming an engineer now.

Every week, we meet on Fridays and do something different. Soon we are going to ROF 59 for trampolining, which I always enjoy.

I have enjoyed moving from beavers to cubs and to scouts. It is good in the Wolves pack, as I am the APL, which is the assistant patrol leader. As the APL, I help the patrol leader, make decisions with the PL (Patrol leader) and do the flag if the PL is not there.

I would encourage people to join the scouts because it is fun, you get outdoors a lot and you learn new things.

Scouts – Interview and Radio

The back end January and into February was a busy one for the 12th Scout Troop as they worked towards their Media and Marketing Relations Badge

First they were asked to list important people local to them, and after some thought came up with a list, taking that list on we invited the following


Richard Chambers (Darlington District Commissioner)

Joanne Hennessy (Durham Growth and Development Officer)

Jenny Chapman (MP For Darlington)

Andrew Stobart (Rev. at Elm Ridge Church)

Jaqui (A Scouts Mum, (Everyone’s Mum is important ! to them))

Neil ( An Iron Man – Local to Darlington)


Now knowing the list of people they had to interview came the difficult bit of putting the questions together.


Should we ask Jenny Chapman what her favourite sandwich is?  or should we ask whats her take on Brexit ? Has our District Commissioner met Baden Powell? Does Joanne know what the Future of Scouting is for Darlington. What does the Rev. have for breakfast ? Does an Iron Man eat plenty of Spinach ? and most of all is it Cool ! having a  Son in Scouting ? all these questions and no answers.


The Scouts were put to work on their questions, and through painful thinking (it’s hard to think of questions you know? Were some comments form Scouts) a lot of sighing and gritted teeth we got our questions for our Guests.

The day came and the interrogation tables and lights were put out, I mean the Interview tables and chairs. Our guests arrived and Tea and Biscuits were provided to put the DC in a good mood. After a quick flag break the Grilling (Interviews) began.


The following are some of the Facts that the Scouts found out during the interviews


Richard Our District Commissioner


The Scouts at the 12th found out he was a Scout as a child and  is better at Map Reading and Orienteering than Pioneering, he likes to go Camping and really likes  Confido, and is yet to attend an International camp, and hasn’t met Bear Grylls yet. The most famous person he has met is Face from the A-Team. Apparently this answer got a stone face look from the Scouts, and our DC had to explain that “ If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.”


Joanne Hennessey Growth & Development Officer


Joanne has only been in post for 3 months at time if interview, she was a Brownie as a young child, and her most embarrassing moment was Stuck in a Toilet ? (well that was a answer to a question), Joanne previously worked at Mowden Rugby Club, and likes Netball, Running and walking her dog.


Jenny Chapman MP for Darlington

Before Jenny was a MP she was a full time mum, and worked for a MP, when she was a Child girls couldnt join Scouts. Jenny has met Teresa May, the part of the job she likes is meeting people, and wanted to be a journalist as a child. She also learnt the piano and this year will be taking part in the London Marathon in aid if Darlington Mind


Rev. Andrew Stobart

We found out our Rev. at Elm Ridge is related to Eddie Stobart the Truck owner. His favourite teaching is “Forgiveness”   and the best part of his job is meeting people, he did well at school and it takes 17 years to become a vicar.  He likes all types of music, but likes Punk and Shed 7



Neil – Iron Man

Neil gets up at 5:40 to go swimming before going to work, he follows up with a routine of Running and Cycling, he’s entered many competitions and entered the IronMan competition in Hawaii, he likes many sports and as a child wanted to be a footballer.


Jaqui our Important MUM

Jaqui is a mother of 3 Children, and juggles being a mum and a job in an office. As a Child she wanted to be an astronaut. Jaqui’s typical day is getting up at 6:30  sorting out breakfast and getting the children ready for school (involves Shouting?!). Off to work and telling William (Scout) that its past his bedtime


There were many more questions and answers but to many to report on.


We even got a piece in the Northern Echo

Radio Stars ?

The 12th Followed this up with a visit to a local radio station where the recorded their interest in Scouting & some music.

If you have time follow this link and there will be 36 mins of Scouting Radio Adventure


Radio Clip of the 12th Darlington Scout Group


Above all the Scouts had a blast and earned their well deserved Badge