Cubs Summer Term Programme 2016

Cub_RGB_green_stackDear Parents,

PACK PROGRAMME – Summer Term 2016

Welcome back, hope you all had a good Easter. Please find below the Summer Term Programme. Our aim this term is to focus on Our Adventure Challenge Badge, and we will also be earning the Pioneering Activity Badge. With the summer term (and hopefully good weather) a number of outdoor activities has been organised by us and District, we hope you will be able to join in.

Our first night back is Friday 15 April, could all parents please attend a quick 10 minute meeting at the start of the night, this is important regarding the term.

Please complete and return permission forms below

Permission Form – Summer Term 2016

Summer Term Programme

15 April

Cricket / Rounder’s
Team Challenge Award
New Starter – Richard & Thomas

16 April

Cinema Visit – Jungle Book
09.30 showing at Odeon Darlington – Pricing to be confirmed

17 April
St Georges Day Parade
Meet Darlington Town Hall – Times TBC

22 April
Lets go fly a kite
Our Adventure 2.1

24 April
5 – a – side Football Competition (District)
Eastbourne Sports Complex –Times TBC
Team Challenge Award

29 April
Gillwell Camp
No Cubs for those not attending camp

6 May
Team Challenge
Young Leaders to organise
Team Challenge Award
Invest Richard & Thomas

13 May
Fire Lighting
Our Adventure 2.2

14 May
JOTT (District)
Hikes Away

20 May
TBA (Beaver Sleepover in Hall)
Our Adventure 3

27 May
Pioneering 1
Start Pioneering Activity Badge

3 June

10 June
Pioneering 2
Complete Pioneering Activity Badge

11 June
Our adventure 2

17 June
NO CUBS – see below

18 June
Family Quad biking
Quads 4 All
Hartlepool – TBA
Our Adventure 1

24 June
Team Challenge
Young Leaders to organise
Team Challenge Award
New Starters – Reece & Robbie

1 or 2 July
Jump About
Planning visit to local Trampoline venue TBA
Our Adventure 1

8 July
Obstacle Course
Our Adventure 2.4, 2.5

9 July
Mini Olympics (District)
Archery Competition (District) TBA

15 July
Water Night
Last Night
Our Adventure 2.6
Invest Reece & Robbie

Programme Information:

Programme Support

As in the past we will need parents in addition to the leaders and those who regularly assist. The dates we require additional support are below. Please see any leader to assist on the following dates:


Date Assistance required
13 May Fire Lighting – 4/5 Parents
14 May JOTT – open to families
20 May Hike  – open to families

We welcome any parents who would like to assist on any evening, especially trips or hikes and nights away. If you would like to assist on an evening please either speak to me or email at .

In the coming year we are aware that some leaders will be moving on, so as a Group we are looking for new leaders to take over.


Pack Administration

Visit Protocol

All visit forms for this term are on the Groups Website. Please return with payment, we now accept parentpay preferably as one payment for all activities by the date on the Permission form.

Leaders who have organised pack visits have been spending an excessive amount of time outside of meetings in their administration through non return or loss of forms prior to the event. In future a designated cut-off date will be given and any late forms will not be accepted. We will not accept forms at the visit site.

Collecting Cubs after Pack Meetings

At the end of the meeting all Cubs must be collected from the Church Hall. Could parents please come into the hall foyer to do this.  The car park is very busy at this time, Cubs leaving, Scouts arriving and other people arriving for regular church activities. Due to this Cubs will not be permitted to leave without an adult.

Pack Meeting times

Parents please note that the normal pack meeting times are 1845 – 2000 hrs. Outside these times leaders are not responsible for your children. The hall is used by Rainbows prior to Cubs, so Scout Leaders cannot access the building until 1845. Please confirm with a Leader before leaving your child.

Any amendment to these times will be promulgated.

Contact and medical information

It is very important that we maintain an up to date list of parents contact details and other medical and dietary information on the cubs. If any of your or the cubs details change can you please let me or another leader  know; either in person on a Pack night or by email.


A big change has happened re payment of subs, we as a group have organised payments to be processed through ParentPay, details of these have been sent out to all the parents, if you haven’t received your details then please contact our Group Treasurer – Craig Alderson via email

A reminder that Subs for the new term are now due. The subs are £30 per cub in addition to this we have also included the costs of the Cub activities that have been planned for this coming term on ParentPay, we would appreciate if you pay for the subs and activities your cub will be taking part in as one payment using ParentPay. By paying as one sum we don’t incur multiple transaction costs.

If you have any questions about ParentPay then please contact our Group Treasurer – Craig Alderson via email

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer would you please consider completing a gift aid form so the group can reclaim funds from the Revenue and Customs against the fees. If you have not completed a gift aid form please see or email me or see the Group treasurer, Craig Alderson.


Neil Calvert



Easter Break





Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are now on their Easter Break

Beavers return on the 11th of April

Cubs and Scouts return on the 15th Of April

Dates for the Diary

Both activities are for all sections Beavers / Cubs and Scouts

Sunday 17th April, St George’s day parade at St.Cuthbertsnchurch. Times tbc.

Saturday 14th May- JOTT- (hike) when Scouts around the World all hike on the same day. Route and times will be sent out nearer the time

Have a Happy Easter and see you after the Easter Break

12th Leadership Team


Easter Egg Decorations



On Monday the 7th of March, Beavers will be crafting away with there Easter Egg Decorations

Please can all Beavers bring with them an hard boiled egg, and anything they want to decorate the eggs with.

You may want to decorate it as in the picture above, or make it look like Tim Peake the Astronaut the choice is yours.

See you Monday


Badger and the Beaver Leadership Team