Cubs End of Term

It goes without saying it’s been a busy finish to the end of the year at 12th Darlington Cubs. We had a joint night with our Beaver section playing games and doing puzzles to allow both sections to get to know each other better.

We joined our Beavers and Scouts at the remembrance day service at our local church, Elm Ridge, where I’m glad to say so many 12th Darlington Beavers, Cubs and Scouts turned up it was standing room only. The other nights in our Scout HQ were spent problem solving, paracord bracelet making, playing team games and physical education working towards various parts of challenge badges.

To finish the year in the next couple of weeks we have a Xmas party, a pantomime (oh yes we do!) and a Saturday morning hike.

Merry Christmas everyone and Best Wishes for 2019


Cub Leader