Easter Egg Decorations



On Monday the 7th of March, Beavers will be crafting away with there Easter Egg Decorations

Please can all Beavers bring with them an hard boiled egg, and anything they want to decorate the eggs with.

You may want to decorate it as in the picture above, or make it look like Tim Peake the Astronaut the choice is yours.

See you Monday


Badger and the Beaver Leadership Team

Active Kids

sainsburysactivekidsDear Beaver/ Cub/ Scouts,

We are now collecting ………

Please bring them along every week & hand them into your leader.

Why not have a look @ activekids.sainsburys.co.uk  to see what we can buy and suggest this to your leader.  They have lots of sporting & cooking equipment available.
Thank you from
All the leaders @12th Elmridge

Scout Spring Term 2016

26 Feb
ROF 59 Climbing Evening Focus on developing lead climbing skills for those who have climbed before.

4 Mar
Heartstart Course

5th Mar 15 – Climb When Ready (County Climbing competition)

11 Mar
Heartstart Course

18 Mar

Navigation Evening

1800 start at Piercebridge carpark.
Gr: NZ 211 158
Scouts work in pairs navigating their way back to Elm Ridge via checkpoints.
Objective to develop map reading skills.

Last night for Scouts – Scouts return on 15 April 16