Operation Sanctuary

Operation Sanctuary had a change this year, from November to July, and by gum was it a hot one.

We arrived with excitement and went home exhausted.

We had a great day although too hot we set off as together in our 3 groups who each had a leader, we stopped for lunch before setting of in our separate groups.


Relive the “Haggis Chasers” (Group Name) route by following this route


Relive ‘Scout Sanctuary’

We by luck all caught up with one another in Bear Park before walking on

unfortunately our 3 groups didn’t finish the course and we had 2 catches for 1 team. 1 for the other and final 0 catches for our 3rd

Our team of Scouts without a leader came in 2nd over all in their category, well done to all on a very hot day.


Down on the Farm

Last week the Scouts took a trip out to Acorn Dairys

They met up with Graham, who showed them and the leaders around the farm, this was

 so that the Scouts could earn their Farming Activity Badge.

Many things were discussed and they covered all the basis to earn the badge.

Expedition Challenge

Expedition Challenge Weekend

The day started on the Train, Scouts had worked out the best way to get to Great Ayton from Darlington was by train, some had bought tickets prior to the day of the expedition others were trying to buy tickets at the Stations ATM. But after other Scouts pointed out there errors they were on the Train to Great Ayton. A Scout Leader had sneaked onto the train to keep a careful eye on the Scouts. Change over at Middlesbrough and it wasn’t long before they were at Great Ayton.

With Map and Route Card in hand and the world on their shoulders (kit bag for one night only) they set of on their hike to Ravensgill Campsite (Commondale). 20 Minutes had past and the two groups of Scouts had gone different ways. With a quick check and the point of the Compass they were on the correct path.

Whilst one of the Leaders followed the 2 groups from the station, three of us me included met at the first check point. We had a short wait whilst we worked out which exit they would come from. We followed a path through the trees near Kirkdale and suddenly we heard them, or at least one of the groups. “Who do you think you are? Where Do you come from!” they sung at the top of their voices. Quickly the 3 of us Adam, John and Myself legged it back down the path to hide and get out of the way ‘they’re supposed to be unassisted and we didn’t want to be seen, (we must of looked like Foggy, Cleggy & Compo from the Last of the Summer Wine, let you work out which one was compo) We waited and we waited and ………. waited suddenly the Necker of the 12th appeared through the gate, no it wasn’t the Scouts it was Tony the other Leader he had given up following them and hiding. The two groups had caught up and sat down for their Lunch.

The four of us decided to snack ourselves at this point and in time the 2 groups packed up and set on the rest of the journey at this point we weren’t hiding anymore. A quick check of the map with the leaders and the 2 groups carried on about 10 minutes between them. We the leaders had a quick discussion again and set off towards our next checkpoints.

Adam and Tony in one car went hide at a junction whilst John and I went on further to a clearing where we knew the two groups would come out of. Again we waited….. & waited, then the sight of the first group coming out of the tree line with their florescent rucksack covers it was no Operation Sanctuary training they stuck out like a sore thumb. We watched as they looked at the map and then decided rather than follow the path that it would be quicker to take a shortcut, all we could do was laugh as they suddenly found themselves in a Bog. The footpath is there for a reason scouts. They squelched and Ugh!!! Ugh!!! Then there was the call of one of the Scouts names (Who shall not be named, why (Insert Scouts name) did you bring is this way. Both John and I had a good giggle as it must have took them to get to the road in about 25 mins. The other group by this point had come the correct way using the Footpath and over took them.

Again we checked them over and both groups showed us the way they were going and of they went. By this time it was a straight road to speak of to camp. We as leaders agreed to meet them at camp.

We got to camp and started to unpack our equipment. It wasn’t long before the 2 groups of Scouts turned up and we showed them their camping area. Soon the scouts had their tents pitched and just

in time as the heavens opened with a thunderstorm. That soon passed and believe it or not the sun came out and dried up the fields.

The scouts were then set about cooking their evening meals on Tangiers, pasta and meatballs on one team and soup and noodles on the other. The evening passed with a bit of Stretcher building and we as leaders thought we had it all planned for a winning race to make a stretcher we would do a rope stretcher whilst the scouts had four poles and some lashing to do. We were wrong, we must be teaching these Scouts right, we barely got ready with making our stretcher and one of the groups were nearly done. With both scout teams well ahead of the game we as Leaders took a bronze medal.

Evening came and we sat by the fire and discussed the day, laughing telling stories and picking out our best and worst parts of the day. Bedtime came and went, and we woke to the smell of bacon, we then packed up and made our way home. Each Scout gained their Expedition Challenge and should be proud of themselves, and learned #Skillsforlife

Neil – Scout Leader